Contact Information & Getting Started



Randall Davis (client liaison)
4360 Emerald Dr.,
Colorado Springs, CO 80918 USA

phone: 719-548-9872


Request a marketing budget for a combined Publicity/Radio Promotion Campaign if you have not already done so.  Our rates are competitive and reasonable and include mailing costs.


We need to hear your music as soon as possible.  If samples are available on-line, let us know where we can hear them.  But it is extremely important that we hear your full CD right away, and we need to see the packaging.  Rather than relying on hearing excerpts online, we prefer to hear the actual CD so that we can listen to it on a high-quality sound system.  However, we will accept digital music for initial listening via  If you make us go to SoundCloud to listen to your entire album, it will take us longer to get around to it.  If your CD has not yet been manufactured, you can send us a CDR (burned copy) of the album.  Once we have heard your music we will let you know right away if your music is acceptable for a campaign.  We also will give you feedback on the music, especially in regards to marketing possibilities.  If you are serious about moving forward with a campaign, you are going to need to get us an actual CD before we can get started.


You need to have a website.  If you do not have a website under your own name, or a page on a record company website, then create your own at and/or  We encourage you to also set up pages at other social networking, music and entertainment sites.


You also need to have your CD available for sale.  You may have a record company that has distribution, or you may have signed with a distributor yourself that sells your CDs to stores.  It is not crucial to have your CDs available in brick-and-mortar stores, but you must have CDs available at some key on-line sales sites.  One way or the other you need to be signed up with and  You should be able to do this yourself.  Amazon sells CDs from both major record companies and small independent labels.  CDbaby only sells CDs on independent labels (if you put out your CD yourself, you have your own independent label).  If for some reason you have not created a name for your label, choose one now and add it to all future manufacturing of your CDs.  Amazon takes a larger percentage of each sale than CDbaby, but it is worth it because Amazon is the biggest store in the world (and with their handy currency conversion tables, it is easy for anyone in any country to make a purchase).  Both sites sell hard-copy CDs as well as digital downloads.  One extra benefit of being signed up with CDbaby is that they serve as a liaison with dozens of other digital download locations such as iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, etc.  That means you do not have to try to get signed up individually with all of those other sales outlets.  CDbaby can supply Amazon with product, but you may want to sign up with Amazon directly to be able to service them better.


If we feel we can market your music, and you agree to our budget, then we have an agreement to move forward.  We need to choose a timeline that works for both of us.  Most often we do our mailings around the 23rd of the month so that the packages arrive just before the month we start actively contacting the media.  At least a week or two before we can do our mailing, I need to prepare the written materials (either interview you and write a bio, or compile information from your written materials).  So we may need to set up a day and time for me to interview you by phone (sometimes I interview overseas artists by email).


If we have an agreement, you need to ship us the required number of CDs and send us payment.


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