Client Testimonials


The true test of whether we have satisfied clients is that many of them have returned for second and third campaigns.

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That [#3 chart position] is outstanding news, Randall!  You and Ruthe have done a fantastic job.  There is NO way the album would have charted so well without the efforts of you two behind it.  Very, very cool!!  Thank you!!

Meg Bowles
[ambient music synthesist]

Randall has been terrific. He's thoroughly engaged in any project he undertakes, and is very, very knowledgeable. He works passionately and tirelessly on behalf of his clients. I can't recommend him highly enough. You'll be in good hands.

Timothy Cooper
New Piano Age
[2 projects]

You really are good at what you do, and I want to thank you for introducing our album to a global audience.  What a great ride.  Top 5!  The radio mix version of the CD was a genius suggestion on your part.  Thanks again for getting our album into the ears of the world.  We deeply appreciate what you do and the skill and grace with which you do it.

Joe Paulino
[world-fusion duo Tim White and Joe Paulino]

I am very happy and satisfied working with you.  It has been a great pleasure and privilege.  Let me congratulate you on the great work and the goals that you reached.  Randall Davis, through THE CREATIVE SERVICE COMPANY, has bet on me 100%, and has put all his creative work and reputation behind my music.  Thank you, Ruthe, too.  Also thank you for getting me to #1 on the Music Choice chart.  I have to open my best bottle of wine or champagne.

Paz del Castillo
[solo pianist from Spain]

Greetings from Germany.  We are very proud of the #3 chart position you got for us.  A big thank you.  Great work!
  Thank you for the fantastic job you did for Luna Blanca. With the bio you wrote for us and that you sent worldwide to the magazines, and with your excellent radio promotion, Luna Blanca became a world-famous band.  After you promoted our album “Provence” we got nominations for the ZMR awards in two categories in 2010, then we got your help also for the next promoted album “El Dorado” which won the ZMR award for “Best World Album 2012”.  One can say: Luna Blanca made popular by Randall Davis.

Richard Hecks and Luna Blanca
[European nouveau-flamenco guitar group - 2 projects]

I just wanted to say you are the master at bio writing! Very professional, captures all the essential elements and makes for a great story.  I was very pleased with the broad reach and strong influence you have.  Your reports have been outstanding!  I will definitely keep in touch.  Thank you so much, Randall!  It has been a rewarding campaign!  I also wanted to mention that the exposure on Music Choice apparently is having a good impact on sales. I can tell because the two songs that I know have been played are also the two top mp3 sellers on Amazon!

Timothy Wenzel
(2 projects)

To Whom It May Concern

My publicist, Randall Davis, is a genuinely great guy, and someone I trust to give me honest, and relevant feedback.  As depressing as it is, it appears promotional dollars must be spent to garner any recognition above and beyond what one can accomplish locally.  If you check out my website, a majority of the reviews you will find excerpts from are reviews that were via Randall.  I have found this resultant information incredibly useful in a marketing sense, and my overall feeling is that it was money well spent.  I have found that spending my advertising budget in a publicity/promotional sense nets me larger rewards then any kind of advertising dollars ever have.  And, on a personal level, I like Randall a lot, and find him to be trustworthy and professional.

We have worked on two campaigns together. I find him to be meticulous, experienced, efficient and true to his word. I don't really tour so when we began working together we literally had to create my bio from years of background, without commercial endeavors/exposure to enhance it with. He put together an honest, commercially viable accounting of my musical experience, which in turn gave me an excellent springboard to pitch from. He knows how to position you so that you are accessible to the genre. You will receive numerous reviews which are all incredibly helpful for marketing and promotion. Randall will work hard to promote your project. I recommend his work highly.

Anne Trenning
[new age pianist; 2 projects]

You guys are terrific. Working with you was a very great pleasure. I will highly recommend you to all my musician friends.

Bob Weisenberg
[traditional flamenco guitarist]

  Clearly a testament to your outstanding abilities as a promoter — taking a random pianist from Minnesota and getting him into the Top 5.  Thanks for weaving your magic!  A sincere thank you again, Randall. Your professionalism in all you do is impressive. And, importantly, the kind of validation that this promotion campaign has had on my sense of myself as a musician (stemming from the outstanding reviews and significant airplay) is immeasurable.  Many, many thanks.  What a wonderful experience from start to finish.  If I can serve as a reference/recommendation for you, it would be my pleasure.  Thanks for sending more playlists, Randall.  Fun to see the music still getting played, and there continues to be CD/download sales almost every day....exciting!

Kind Regards,
Kyle Pederson
[pianist; 2 projects]

Thank you for the Top 5 chart number.  I am so happy, tears are coming down my cheeks!
  I can't thank you enough.  You mean so much to me.  All your help and priceless advice and patience, you’re simply the best!  How in the world do I ever find proper words to show my gratitude?  I'm in shock, tears of joy, thank you to you, Randall.  All I can think of right now is the Irish proverb (my favorite and I'm Irish): “When I count my blessings, I count you twice.”  My Mom would have loved you so much for making this happen, you giving me the very rare opportunity to share my music with the world.  This is one of the happiest moments in my life!  All thanks to you.  Wow, just, wow!

With much, much gratitude,
Laura McMillan
[solo pianist]

Randall Davis and The Creative Service Company have generated a wonderful buzz about my newest solo piano album!  Randall is the consummate professional.  He has worked in this business for many years with some of the best artists you’ve heard of, and you’ve probably heard of those artists because of Randall.  The Creative Service Company was masterful at acquiring interviews and press coverage that were previously unattainable for me.  Randall also spends a lot of time getting to know his artists in order to promote them effectively and generously sharing his vast knowledge with his clients to help them shine in the public eye.  I would highly recommend Randall Davis and The Creative Service Company for your next publicity campaign!

Lisa Downing, Vision Quest Entertainment
[solo pianist]

I have used Randall Davis and The Creative Service Company promotion services for three albums I have released.  He has been great to work with.  I get a report from him every week on what reviews and radio spins I have received and he is definitely worth the money. My CDs have both received a lot of great reviews, which really helps; and with the new CD he has been able to get my music played on many radio stations, mostly in the US, but also in Canada, Australia, Spain, and Columbia.  I found Randall through the Internet and was a little concerned about hiring someone I'd never met, but he gave me a list of references and I contacted those people, and after getting their positive response I went ahead and hired him.  It was the best thing I did for promotion.  I had tried to do my own promotion for my first release "Summer Samba" for several months and it just required way more work than I ever imagined. The research on finding places to submit for reviews was so daunting and time-consuming I didn't have time to work on my music. 
The results were wonderful.  He was great to work with and really did everything he promised.  I got great reviews and a lot of airplay, particularly when you consider that my musical style is not totally mainstream.  I recommend him highly.

Irene Nachreiner
[singer; 3 projects]

To Whom It May Concern

I am more than happy to speak about my experience working with Randall and the phenomenal services he was able to provide.  He used to be an executive over at Capitol Records.  Just in terms of general music industry knowledge, he has a lot to say and can be a great source of advice.  But for our genre, in contemporary instrumental, he has developed a particular specialty and knows how to drive great results.  He has worked with many of the great names in our genre, and when I hired him I also reached out to his previous clients. Suffice to say that all of them said extremely positive things about working with Randall.

No matter what your level of knowledge, Randall can be a great source of help. One of the things that amazed me working with him was how detailed he was and how he delivered exactly what he said he would.  Randall first spent many hours with me over the phone, to get to know me as a musician and to gain an understanding of what my albums were about.  Randall essentially interviewed me to learn the history of the album and what it was about; its themes, intent, and the basic story behind the music.  He used that information to produce a very professionally written press release / bio which he sent out in my packages for critical reviews and press release postings.  In that effort Randall was extremely successful and I had dozens upon dozens of reviews to show for it.  I was able to then post those reviews on my website to further advertise my music.  Not only were these reviews helpful in promoting my music, but they also proved invaluable feedback to me from knowledgeable critics.  In other words, hearing comments from professional critics was helpful in guiding me to improve my music.  I enjoyed reading these reviews a lot.  It was also great that all these reviews were posted on the Internet at the review websites, which could then be seen by the entire audience of those websites.  So as you can see there are many facets and advantages to this type of publicity.

For the radio campaign Randall produced remarkable results.  He submitted my music to highly-targeted radio stations that focused on the contemporary instrumental genre. Randall deals with radio stations that report results to Zone Music Reporter (ZMR), which is essentially the only radio chart out there for contemporary instrumental.  Thanks to Randall, “A Still Motion” debuted on this chart in the #9 position. By the second month it had moved up to the #5 position. After that it remained in the top 100 for 6 months consecutively.  This is not an easy thing to accomplish.  Suffice to say I was elated at having a Top 5 album on the ZMR chart. I have Randall to thank for that.

If you look at the campaign simply in terms of time and the work it takes to prepare and send out that many targeted packages, the advantages of working with Randall becomes evident.  You can, of course, do all of these things on your own, but it takes a great deal of time and research.  Randall is also well-known and respected in the music community, and therefore you benefit from this since the packages he sends out are taken more seriously than if you did this yourself.  One of the most impressive things working with Randall is his reports.  He provides detailed reports for your campaign, and he sends these out to you weekly so you can monitor his progress.  No doubt many promoters/publicists are not this organized, and it might be difficult to know you are getting what you paid for.  With Randall there is total transparency.  You receive each and every report on time, and with loads of information.  I knew literally every radio station playing my music, where it was located, which people were reviewing my music, which websites this was on.  Randall even sent me playlists from the radio stations, and the reports they send into ZMR.  His level of detail was incredible, and frankly, was exactly what I needed.

Even after my campaign officially ended, Randall continued to send me post-campaign reports for a few weeks.  He also would send me any additional reviews, or radio airplay he came across.  This went on for about an entire year!  You will not find this kind of dedication anywhere else in my opinion.  You get what you pay for with Randall! He also is willing to provide feedback about your music and help guide you in this very challenging business. After knowing Randall a few years now, I consider him a friend and someone who I can always turn to for advice in this industry.

With that said, if you are looking for targeted publicity, Randall is definitely worth going with!  The fact he specializes in our genre makes him a particularly rare find.  My only caution to you would be to recognize that there is a difference between publicity and advertising, and that even great publicity like Randall can provide does not guarantee music sales.  Randall will deliver exactly what he promises to you, loads of critical reviews, press release postings, commercial radio airplay, public and college radio airplay, the chance to make the ZMR charts and more detailed reports then you’ll know what to do with.  He cannot guarantee sales though, and no publicist ever could.  If you understand this though, and are ok knowing what your money is really going for; then you cannot go wrong with Randall. I highly recommend him!

I hope this helps you make an informed decision. I have no regrets about working with Randall, and am in fact planning to hire him again.

Michael Samson
[solo pianist]

Randall is my publicist.  I can assure you he is exactly who he says he is, and my first contact with him was when he spoke at the 1st Annual New Age Music Convention in L.A. in (or around!) 1988.  Before Randall was an independent publicist, he worked at Capitol Records.  He's truly an industry veteran and I have seen him in action for a long time.

I thought that Randall (i.e. The Creative Service Company) did a fine job on the publicity end of things, securing interviews and reviews of my CD worldwide.  He made himself very familiar with the music on my CD, and suggested that not only should I approach the traditional "New Age" market but also the Prog fans, and this turned out to be a very successful idea.  What I'm trying to say is that Randall didn't just "grind out the job," he engaged and participated in a very active way. He did exactly what he said that he would do, including keeping me up to date week by week of the commitments he was gathering on my behalf.

Best regards,
Ian Tescee
[new age-electronica multi-instrumentalist]

Hey, Randall,

First of all I would like to thank you for all the fantastic work you have done for me.  You were really most helpful and you have done more than I expected.  I am ever so grateful to you for your professional honest advice as well as your sensitive way of dealing with the entire matter of promoting my CD.  You did not just concentrate on the commercial side of it, but also have shown great interest in my music and also the philosophy of Wittgenstein by whom my production was influenced.  All that has really touched and impressed me very much.  What I see is that you are making really a great job.  Thank you for the moment.  It’s very interesting and big fun working with you.  Thanks a lot!!!

Best wishes!
Uwe Gronau
[German keyboardist]
(4 projects)

I do want to thank you for the time and care you have put into this project. It has paid dividends in levels of visibility of my product in the American marketplace and beyond. I truly appreciate it and will certainly be working with you again.

Josh Johnston
[new age solo pianist & swing-jazz pianist in Ireland]
(2 projects)

I read through the bio and like it very much.  Your way of weaving the narrative of the CD with the biographical facts is compelling and informative...My chart number is really great.  I am very exited!  Many thanks for your continuous hard work.  It is great to see my music finding its way out into the world through your efforts.  I want to thank you for setting up these interviews.
  It really is a pleasure to reflect on the music and fall in love with the music all over again through these conversations with such appreciative people like these interviewers have been. 

Annette Cantor
[new age vocalist]
(2 projects)

We have utilized Randall Davis’ resources through The Creative service Company over a span of ten years.  He has helped us launch and has publicized our albums, and thanks to his radio promotion efforts we charted at #2 internationally in our genre.  Randall involves himself personally in everything he endeavors and is able to maximize results.  For AOMUSIC, he has been effective on all fronts.  We highly recommend Randall Davis and The Creative Service Company. 

Richard Gannaway
Founder, AOMUSIC
[world-fusion vocal group]
(3 projects)

What I particularly like about the radio airplay segment of your report is the level of detail you are going into re: the station's philosophy, location, demographic, etc.  It's clear to me that in the coming weeks this will be very helpful to me to get a "mind map" of what and who is out there.  Well done...
thank you in earnest for all of your hard work and diligence in making my debut album a critical success, generally speaking.  I appreciate what you have done. 

Christopher Lapina
[avant-garde keyboardist]

With an album in Zone Music Reporter's Top 10 for 3 straight months, I couldn't be more pleased with the work Randall did for me.  He's incredibly knowledgeable, totally trustworthy, and he did everything he said he would.  What more can you ask for?

Janice Faber
[solo pianist]

You have done a very great job!!  The reviews are far beyond my expectations and the number of radio outlets playing the album is fantastic.  Thank you!!!

Tron Syversen
[new age musician from Norway]

To testify that Randall Davis has become one of the most important tools in my music marketing bag would be 110% correct, but that really diminishes the relationship that we have developed in the process of his carefully and professionally guiding me through our campaign.  I have come to rely on Randall for his honesty and experiential wisdom, both of which are scarce as hens’ teeth these days in the music industry.  He has demonstrated an exceptional ability to “read people” (me, notwithstanding) and combining that with his very effective communications style, Randall efficiently works a successful marketing campaign with the artists he represents, along with the radio stations, program hosts and industry professionals he partners with.  Can’t wait to synergize with him again and again on more CDs.

Mark Bruland
[new age multi-instrumentalist]

Thanks Randall, your reports are great, really fantastic.  You are very thorough!  I am so pleased with the results.

[Canadian new age-Celtic singer-songwriter]

Thanks Randall!  The chart number is amazing.  This is a great achievement for us.  We’ve just posted it on our facebook wall.  It's awesome to see all that movement.
 Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.  We feel really touched to see the response that is coming back.  We also enjoyed reading the reviews that you sent with the clippings.  A couple of them are very beautiful. 

Our blessings to you,
Ali and Daniela of Anima
[new age spiritual-healing duo from England]

Two months in the Top 5 on the chart is just absolutely brilliant!!  Way to go, Randall.  Flying high.  We are just so excited and joyful about how this is going!  Thanks a million!

Bruce Hecksel & Julie Patchouli, TERRA GUITARRA
[folk-and-jazz-style nuevo flamenco guitars]

Thanks for getting Music Choice’s “Soundscapes” channel.  When they have played some of my other stuff, it has been a good source of royalties!
  Glad this came through!

Richard Shulman & The Pure Heart Ensemble
[new age acoustic group with piano, cello, flutes, crystal bowls and wordless vocals]

Just want to say thanks for the great job you are doing.  It’s great to see this taking off.  You’re awesome!  Thank you again for all your hard work and helping get us this far.

Darin Mahoney
[acoustic guitarist in duo with flutist Sherry Finzer]

Deep thanks to you and your team members' great devotion and efforts!!
  I am truly happy about the unfolding of your promotion!  Your news really made my day!  I am happy to know your promotion is helping me to reach out to audiences!  I am really grateful to receive your support!!  I am sending my deep appreciation for your diligent hard work and contribution to the promotion.  I am happy with the results and look forward to receiving the ripple effect of your great efforts!

[new age & world-fusion singer]

I'm so grateful for all you've done to get folks listening to the album!  Thank you so very much for all of your great work!  Regarding the Top 10 chart number, this is FANTASTIC!!  Wow!  Pleased beyond words!  Very much appreciate all of your efforts and expertise and hard work!!  Extremely grateful to you for getting the music heard!

Dan Chadburn

Thank you ever so much.  It is fascinating and enjoyable to receive and study all of the different reports and reviews.  It is broadening my understanding of listening distribution, of course, but also deeply affecting how I am putting my music together for upcoming releases and sparking creative ideas about distribution and marketing as well.
  Thanks again. 

Forrest Smithson
[ambient music synthesist]

[About high chart debut] Well congratulations to you too, Randall.  For all your hard work, thank you.  That's great news for me as the UK campaign (apart from your connections here) hasn't produced any radio plays at all.

Paul Higgs
[British gentle-jazz trumpet player and pianist]

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